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Fourth of July Flag Cake

Fourth of July Flag Cake

Though I have been living outside of the United States for six years, without fail, I always celebrate the Fourth of July. Last year, I made a flag cake based heavily on A Stove With a House Around It’s recipe. From the outside, the cake looks like a simple white layer cake, but cutting it … Continue reading

Peach Strawberry Butter

I cook (and bake!) because 1) its fun, and 2) I get to adapt/design recipes to my ultimate enjoyment. For me, cooking is about making the food match up perfectly with my preferences. If a recipe includes things I don’t eat (cabbage, broccoli, shrimp, cilantro) or don’t want to spend money on (sesame oil, fleur … Continue reading

Strawberry Basil Jam

Strawberry season is coming to an end. To make the season last just a few weeks longer, I decided to make preserves. I have tried many strawberry jam recipes, but the best by far comes from Food in Jars. I reduced the amounts by half, to accommodate my tiny pot, and at the last minute, … Continue reading