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Acorn Squash & Bell Pepper Soup

Acorn Squash & Bell Pepper Soup

My mother always told me that the best way to ward off sickness was to eat colourful food and get enough sleep. If you’re a student like me, colourful vegetables are probably easier to come by in November than plentiful sleep. Even if you can’t combine this soup with eight hours of slumber, you have … Continue reading

Tomato Soup

I’m pretty sure tomato soup + grilled cheese is the best food combination ever. Savory cheese, crispy bread, and delicious, delicious tomato soup. I’ve made this recipe a couple times now, and each time I change it a bit. I’m still not entirely satisfied with it–next time I think I will add bacon with the … Continue reading

Potato & Leek Soup

If the increasing frequency of soup posts on this blog hasn’t yet made this clear, the nastier it gets outside, the more I make soup. For me, potato & leek soup is a comfort food and the inclusion of milk and cheese reflects that. For a thinner consistency, add less milk/cheese or more chicken broth. … Continue reading

Fall Vegetable Stew

For students in Montreal, October is the month of extreme stress and cold rain. Having experienced both this past weekend, I can attest to the curative power of this stew. This recipe is extremely flexible–feel free to add the red beans that the New York Times recommends or other vegetables like celery or beets. The … Continue reading

Curried Butternut Squash Soup with Apple

This. Soup. Is. AMAZING. I found it in my first (of many!!) cookbooks, The Silver Palate and have made it twice in the past week. If my fridge wasn’t already brimming with Thanksgiving leftovers, I would probably make it again this week. If you don’t have all of the spices listed below, just add 4-5 … Continue reading