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Corn, Pepper, & Black Bean Salad

It seems silly to even call the following instructions to make this salad a recipe. Both the quantities of the ingredients as well as some ingredients themselves are interchangeable. This salad might perhaps be more aptly named “CSA Vegetable & Pantry Bean Salad.” My many permutations of this salad share three ingredients:  corn, black beans, … Continue reading

Smoothies Galore!

By the end of the week, my motivation to cook is nearly gone. The resulting meals are generally 1) leftovers, 2) salads, or 3) smoothies. Two weeks into the August heat, #3 has become especially tempting. I’m including below two smoothie recipes. The first one I made for ‘dinner’ last night, in a fit of … Continue reading

Balsamic Summer Salad

Thanks to a sweltering 30 degree weekend, I’ve tried to use my stove as little as possible. For a light, summery dinner, this salad is the best. I adapted it from Kalyn’s Kitchen’s tomato and cucumber salad based on the quantities in my fridge and my undying love for feta. Next time, I would probably … Continue reading